Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers in India 2021

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Bluetooth technology has made some of the completely cordless and Portable Bluetooth speakers are also one of them.

But which are the Best Bluetooth Speaker in India? Or Bluetooth speakers better than home theater?

You do not need to get confused and do any kind of market research. This is my complete guide to Best Bluetooth Speakers in India in 2021.

These speakers have evolved a lot with time and they aren’t weak and tiny as they were before. Now they are powerful yet compact enough to be used both for one’s personal needs and house party.

You don’t have to worry about sound quality and wireless connectivity anymore.

Improvement in sound quality and Bluetooth technology had made Bluetooth speakers more capable and their battery power has also improved a lot.

Some of the Bluetooth speakers are also being equipped with smart assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

These smart home devices make it possible for their users to do more other than just listening to songs and music.

If you are looking to invest in speakers enabled with Bluetooth technology this year then this post will help you invest in the best possible Bluetooth speaker.

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Check below the list of the Best Bluetooth Speakers in India you can buy in 2021.

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India 2021.

1. UE BOOM 3

UE aka Ultimate Ears is one of the big names in the speaker and earphone industry.

This California, US-based conglomerate is a hugely popular brand deals mainly in audio electronics including speakers, headphones, and earphones.

The UE BOOM-3 is the top contender as is boast to be ideal for both house party and outdoor activities.

The sound quality is just awesome and doesn’t compromise with the clarity even playing music a lot loudly. It is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 15000 rupees.

This gadget is an IP67 waterproof Bluetooth speaker that lets its users dive along with their UE BOOM Bluetooth speaker inside the pool and other water bodies.

15 hours of playtime isn’t just good, it’s awesome and you would love it.

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  • Weight – 544 gram
  • Battery Life – 15 hours
  • Wireless Range – 30+ feet
  • NFC – Yes
  • Waterproof – IP67 dustproof/waterproof

2. JBL Charge 4

When it comes to audio devices, JBL is one of the undisputed kings of the particular market.

I own few JBL electronics including a wired earphone and a JBL Bluetooth speaker and all I can say that this brand delivers what they promise.

Its Charge series is one of the most popular and purchased Bluetooth speakers and you would also love to own it.

The JBL Charge 4 is one of the most affordable quality audio gadgets and you may get this audio device at a much cheaper price thanks to the recent discounts on price value.

You can buy this best Bluetooth Speaker Under 10000 rupees.


  • Weight – 960 grams
  • Battery Life – 20 hours
  • Wireless Range – 30+ feet
  • NFC – Yes
  • Waterproof – IPX7 waterproof

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3. Bose SoundLink (Mini II) – [Best Portable Speaker Under 15000]

It will be quite appropriate to say the Bose merchandise the boss of the audio device industry.

Bose is one of the oldest electronic brands dealing in audio devices and still ruling the market.

The Bose SoundLink mini-II is made for delivering loud yet crystal clear sounds and that’s the reason, the brand Bose owns respect of a huge customer base.

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  • Weight – 66 gram
  • Battery Life – 10 hours
  • Wireless Range – 30+ feet
  • NFC – No
  • Waterproof – N/A

4. BoAt Stone-1000 – [Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 2500]

If you want to join the millions in the buying Indian product movement, then it’s the right time to do.

This Indian brand had gained huge popularity in a short period and earned a huge base of loyal customers.

It offers a great range of appliances and gadgets including wireless/tethered/wired earphones, headphones, speakers, and smartphone accessories, and more.

The best thing about this Indian brand is that it offers its commodities at fewer prices compared to other renowned brands.

You can own the BoAt Stone-1000 by investing just 3K INR.

Other than its lower price it doesn’t compromise with the quality and boasts to be fully water resistance, fabulous stereo sound, rugged design, enhanced bass, 8 hours of playtime, and more.


  • Weight – 1.5 Kg
  • Battery Life – 8 hours
  • Wireless Range – 30 feet
  • NFC – No
  • Waterproof – IPX5 water-resistant

5. UE Wonderboom – [Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000]

If you are looking for quite small and lightweight yet powerful Bluetooth speakers then UE Wonderboom would be the ideal search to go with.

It weighs just around 400 grams and is capable to run a wonderful house party lonely.

Its 100 feet wireless range makes Wonderboom perfect for outdoor activities and the lightweight makes the user not to feel the burden to carry this lightweight audio device.


  • Weight – 400 grams
  • Battery Life – 10 hours
  • Wireless Range – 100 feet
  • NFC – No
  • Waterproof – Yes, actually floats

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6. Sony SRS – [Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000]

Sony is another big name in the world of audio appliances and known for offering tons of quality electronics of multiple genres from TV sets to smartphones and from digital cameras to Bluetooth speakers.

The Sony SRS-XB10 Bluetooth speaker is another masterpiece from the highly renowned brand Sony and is made to amaze you.

It could be the lightest and best wireless speaker you would ever own, this gadget weighs only 260 grams.

Don’t misunderstand its performance for the size, the SRS-XB10 delivers punchy sound with extra bass and clarity.


  • Weight – 260 grams
  • Battery Life – up to 16 hours
  • Wireless Range – 30 feet
  • NFC – Yes
  • Waterproof – Splashproof

7. Anker SoundCore II – [Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000]

If you are looking for more varieties then Anker speaker could be the best ones to look for.

The brand Anker is known for offering a lot of electronics and famous for its quality power banks.

Anker deals in various products and its SoundCore series is one of the most purchased cordless speakers.

The Anker SoundCore II delivers great bass and amazingly 15 hours of playtime.

Along with other features mostly found in Bluetooth speakers, this one comes with an inbuilt power bank and let its user’s juice up their smartphone and other USB devices while playing songs.


  • Weight – 600 grams
  • Battery Life – 15 hours
  • Wireless Range – 30 feet
  • NFC – N/A
  • Waterproof – IP67 shockproof, dustproof, waterproof

8. Marshall Kilburn – [Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 20000]

If you are looking for some heavy-duty music system but don’t want to buy the larger ones, Marshall Kilburn could be the best option to go with.

It weighs quite more than the Bluetooth speakers mentioned above and if portability isn’t your requirement then this is the right audio machine to invest in.

The sound quality is so magnificent, it overlaps other cons mainly portability and weight.

It is packed within a retro appearance and looks exceptionally great.

The battery life suits the size which is magnificently for more than 20 hours.


  • Weight – 3 Kg
  • Battery Life – 20+ hours
  • Wireless Range – 30 feet
  • NFC – No
  • Waterproof – No

9. Google Nest Mini – [Best Portable Speaker Under 2500]

Smart Bluetooth speakers are the newest breed of speakers equipped with a voice assistant.

Google Nest Mini is the smarter version of speakers and lets you do more than just playing music.

You can connect this smart speaker to the internet and access it through voice commands.

Pair it with your other smart home devices and get your household tasks done more conveniently and smartly.

The best part about these smart speakers is that they are super light weighing just 180 grams and despite the small size Google Mini offers great bass and sound.


  • Weight – 180 grams
  • Battery Life –
  • Wireless Range – 30 feet
  • NFC – N/A
  • Waterproof – No

10. Amazon Echo – [Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 2500]

It’s time for another smart voice assistant and its Alexa’s turn. Amazon makes smart speakers equipped with Alexa and these gadgets are simply impressive.

You can do a lot of tech things other than just listening to songs with the Amazon Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot is a 3rd generation smart home device having an advanced voice assistant and it is never going to let you down.

You would not regret investing in this device and will love this advanced speaker equipped with a smart voice assistant.


  • Weight – 300 grams
  • Battery Life – N/A
  • Wireless Range – Audio Distribution Profile
  • NFC – N/A
  • Waterproof – No

Bottom Line

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

Speakers had witnessed a lot of improvements with time and they are becoming better than before.

These tiny devices produce loud sound but the clarity also matters and that’s why you must look for the best Bluetooth speakers and only invest after doing a little bit of research.

There are many electronics brands fully dedicated to providing the best quality Bluetooth speakers and own a loyal customer base all over this blue planet.

The quality, durability, and performance of a product you are going to buy matters a lot and thus you must end up buying the best quality products no matter if you have to spend quite more.

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