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Top 10 Best Power Banks in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Power Bank in India

The power bank has become a necessity. Smartphones have become the most successful medium to stay connected to the world and keep you up-to-date.

In today’s world, it is probably not that difficult to keep pace with small houses and low bank balance, but the battery capacity of the smartphone should be high.

I know it hurts when the phone battery runs out quickly. To avoid such a situation, buying a power bank becomes important. The best power bank allows you to charge your smartphone anywhere.

You might know that earlier expensive phones also had batteries of 2500mAh to 3000mAh capacity, but now budget smartphones are also coming from 4000mAH to 5000mAh battery.

However, it is not the case that a power bank can only be used for mobile charging. Nowadays there are many gadgets that can be easily charged with a good portable charger.

You can charge your MP3 Player, trimmer, Bluetooth headset, fitness band, and digital camera from your portable power bank.

Note: The best power bank charges your device well, while many portable chargers can also damage your device. I suggest you read the best power bank buying guide at the end of this article to gain in-depth knowledge before purchase.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Power Bank in India 2021

Best 20000mAh Power Banks in India.

1. Mi 20000mAh Power Bank 2i

This portable Mi Power Bank comes with a high-density 20000mAh advanced Li-polymer battery that allows you to charge your smart devices anytime and anywhere. This optimizes charging efficiency and makes it durable and long-lasting.

Smart Feature: Best Power Bank Under 1500

This powerful device supports almost all charging outputs like 5V/2A, 9V/2A, and 12V/1.5A and comes with 18W fast charging, ensuring to charge all your smart devices quickly and efficiently.

Talking about its design, PC + ABS material has been used to create this beautiful and stylish power bank, and its black sandstone finish provides a better feel and comfortable hand grip.

In terms of safety, this power bank chipset is equipped with an advanced level of protection which avoids short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-charge and discharge, etc. and ensures 9 layers complete protection.

This power bank has dual USB output so that 2 devices can be charged simultaneously. Its smart charging option intelligently adjusts power output up to 18W and ensures that all connected devices are charged quickly and efficiently.

The special feature of this portable charger is its Two-Way Fast Charging feature so that you can quickly charge any of your devices while fast charging your power bank.

The universal compatibility feature of this portable charger makes it superior to other power banks. You can charge any of your other devices such as tablets, Bluetooth speakers, earphones, headsets, digital cameras, fitness bands, and Trimmers, etc.

This slim and compact design portable charger is very easy to carry due to its lightness. It fits comfortably in your travel bag.

This fully Made-in-India product comes with 6 months of warranty.

  • Value for money
  • Excellent battery life
  • Dual USB Output
  • Two-way Fast charge
  • 9 layers of circuit protection
  • No Type-C option
  • No LED Torch option

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2. Syska 20000mAh Power Bank

The Syska Power Pro 200 is one of the best and highly efficient power banks available in India. This portable charger comes with a Polymer Cell that is BIS certified, allowing you to charge your devices faster.

Smart Feature: Best Power Bank Under 1000

This Syska power bank has 2 USB ports for charging multiple devices. You can charge two devices simultaneously such as smartphones, tablets, and other devices without waiting.

This power bank comes with Precise IC Protection which is the most important feature of Power Pro 200. This protects your expensive smartphone, tablet, or other devices from over-charging, under-discharging, or short circuits.

Its intelligent power management solution keeps a track of the devices and its charging. The Soft switch button ensures the longevity of the Syska Power Pro 200 Power bank.

Its durable and tough body allows it to be used in any environment. Even you can take it to the mountains or rivers.

The Syska Power Pro 200 comes with Hibernation Mode, which is another important and useful feature of this power bank. When not in use, it automatically goes into hibernation mode, saving power, and also avoiding overcharging.

It is recommended to charge your Syska Power Pro 200 power bank at least once every 3 months. This makes your device last longer.

This power bank takes 8 hours to fully charge with a 2A wall charger. This product comes with 6 months of warranty.

  • Dual USB Ports
  • Automatic Hibernation Mode
  • Precise IC protection
  • Solid build quality
  • No LED torch

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3. Ambrane 20000mAh Power Bank

The Ambrane Stylo 20K is an ideal backup source of power for your mobile and other gadgets. This power bank uses lithium polymer battery which is durable, reliable, and safe and has high efficiency and charges conversion rates.

Smart Feature: Best Power Bank Under 1000

Talking about build quality, the external body of this power bank is made of strong ABS plastic material, which is durable and scratch-resistant and gives a stylish premium finish.

The Ambrane Stylo 20k comes with dual input options that allow you to charge your power bank with any micro or Type C cable. This is one of the best high capacity power banks in India.

Considering security, this power bank has a first-class integrated circuit that allows your device to adjust the temperature, short circuit, reset mechanism, input over-voltage protection, incorrect insertion, over current output, output over-voltage protection, overcharge and prevents over protection.

Its universal compatibility makes this device one of the best 20000mAh power bank in India. Apart from your smartphone, you can also charge tablets, Bluetooth speakers, digital cameras, headphones, fitness bands, trimmers, and other USB port devices.

The Ambrane Stylo 20k has an LED charging indicator button at the top of the power bank, just tap on it to turn it on and find out the battery status.

This Made-in-India product comes with 180 days (6 months) of warranty.

  • Strong & Durable Built
  • All around Safety Assurance
  • Touch button to know the power status
  • Dual Input Type C and Micro USB
  • No torch light
  • Take 12 hours to get full charge.

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4. Redmi 20000mAh Power Bank (18W Fast Charging)

This power bank has recently been launched by Redmi. Redmi is a sub-brand of Chinese electronics company Xiaomi. This portable charger comes with high-density advanced Li-polymer batteries that make it more durable and optimize charging efficiency.

Smart Feature: Best Power Bank Under 1500

This 20000mAh Power Bank supports almost all charging outputs like 5.1V/2.4A, 9V/2A, and 12V/1.5A and comes with 18W fast charging, ensuring to charge all your smart devices quickly and efficiently.

This portable charger has dual input ports (Micro-USB / USB-C) and dual USB outputs that support smart charging. This Redmi Power Bank intelligently adjusts power output and ensures fast and efficient charging to each connected device.

This ergonomic power bank comes in two colors (Classic Black and White). The Anti-Slip Edge Texture provides a strong grip and prevents it from slipping.

Keeping safety in mind, this power bank provides an advanced level of chipset protection, which ensures 12-Layer Circuit Protection such as short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-charge, and discharge.

The Two-Way Quick Charge feature ensures fast charging for power banks and other connected devices such as tablets, BT speakers, earphones, headsets, fitness bands, etc.

This fully Made-In-India portable charger is very easy to carry and comes with a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase.

  • Dual input/ output ports (Micro-USB/USB-C)
  • 12 Layers Circuit Protection
  • Two-way Quick Charge
  • Universal Compatibility
  • 18W Fast Charging
  • Plastic Body
  • No user manual inside the box

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Best 10000mAh Power Banks in India.

5. Mi 10000mAH Power Bank 2i

Mi is a very popular brand among Indians due to its cheap and long-lasting products. This Mi power bank is available in three colors (Red, Blue and Black) with a capacity of 10,000mAh.

Smart Feature: Best Power Bank Under 1000

This Power Bank comes with High-Density Lithium Polymer Batteries which is completely safe. It stabilizes the voltage discharge and also improves the conversion rate. The Advanced Resistance-Capacitance Sensor optimizes charging efficiently and makes it long-lasting.

The Mi Power Bank 2i comes with two-sided fast charging and supports 18W fast charging, allowing you to charge your device quickly and efficiently.

Its Dual USB output allows you to charge 2 devices at the same time. It supports 5V / 2A, 9V / 2A, and 12V / 1.5A charging outputs that allow you to connect and charge smartphones, tablets, fitness bands, Trimmers, and more.

This power bank is made using premium aluminum alloys and CNC edge technology gives it a perfect textured finish. Its 180° degree ergonomic design ensures safe and comfortable hand-grip.

Talking about safety, this power bank comes with Advanced-Level Chipset Protection that ensures 9 layers of protection from short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-charge and discharge, etc.

Being slim and lightweight, it is very easy to carry this power bank anywhere. It easily fits in your pocket and bag. It intelligently adjusts power output to ensure fast and efficient charging for all connected devices.

This fully Made-in-India product comes with 6 months of warranty.

  • Quick Charging
  • Excellent built quality and stylish looks
  • Value for money
  • Dual USB Output
  • Highly compatible
  • Better charging speed at two mobile at a time
  • It takes around 8-10 hours to Re-charge.
  • No Type-C option or variant.

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6. Syska P1016B 10000mAH Power Bank

If you are looking for a small size power bank then you can go with SYSKA P1016B. Its compact design allows it to fit in your pocket or a small purse, allowing you to charge your devices whenever or wherever you want.

Smart Feature: Best Power Bank Under 1000

In this power bank, an Intelligent Multi-Protection Circuit is provided to protect your device, which deactivates the current output to protect your device from charging beyond the set limit.

This Syska portable charger gives 2x More Charge on every charge. Its Advanced Current Shunt with Fast Charging allows charging your device and power bank at the same time.

This power bank reduces the power consumption during charging by modulation of pulse width to increase battery life.

Syska P1016B comes with a Type C Input Port and Dual USB Outputs. It is compatible with almost all devices such as Mp3/Mp4, PSP, PDA, Bluetooth, cell phone, digital camera, MID, etc.

You can buy this 10000 mAh power bank in four different colors (Black, Blue, Gray, and White). Apart from this, this device comes with a 6-month warranty.

  • Multi-Protection circuit
  • Compact design
  • High-density polymer cell
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Easy to carry
  • Slow charging

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7. Lenovo 10400mAH Power Bank

Lenovo does not require any introduction. Lenovo is one of the first choices of people due to its technology and durable products. This Lenovo 10000mAH power bank allows you to charge almost all the gadgets that can be charged Via A USB Port.

Smart Feature: Best Power Bank Under 2000

This power bank comes with a Dual Output USB Interface so you can charge your 2 devices simultaneously. Compatibility with all smartphones makes this portable charger a good purchase option.

The heavyweight of most power banks causes problems in carrying them. This 240-gram portable charger makes it easy to carry anywhere due to its lightweight.

This power bank combined with features like surge protection and rigorous testing for shock and vibration ensures that the Lenovo PA10400 power bank will never disappoint you.

Lenovo Power Bank comes with a smart power control chip system that increases its performance over a longer period. To simplify the use of this portable charger, it has power switch buttons and LED lights.

Talking about the build quality of this power bank, High-Quality Mat Plastic has been used in it, which gives stability and robustness to this device.

This amazing 10000mAh Power Bank comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Dual output ports
  • Portable Design
  • 4 Lights Indicators
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Light weight
  • After sale service not good

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8. Duracell 10050mAH Power bank

The Duracell 10050 mAh power bank is a reliable source of power that allows you to charge your devices everywhere. Its unique 4-level LED indication helps you check the battery level.

Smart Feature: Best Power Bank Under 1000

The Duracell power bank has 2.4 Amps input and output ports so that both the portable charger and the connected device can be charged 2X faster. The Dual charge technology allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.

From a security point of view, this power bank comes with 10 security features. It protects the power bank and your expensive smart devices by avoiding over-charge, over-discharge, over-heating, short circuits, and other issues.

The universal compatibility of this power bank makes it even more special. This power bank can charge iOS, Android, and most USB devices.

You can also estimate its powerful battery capacity by the fact that this power bank can increase the battery of the iPhone 7 up to 5 times. Also, it is a power bank flight friendly. You can also use it on the plane.

The compact design of this power bank makes it easy to carry, even this small gadget is easily in your hand. This lightweight power bank weighs only 204 grams.

The Duracell 10050mAH power bank comes with a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase by the manufacturer.

  • 2x faster charge
  • Flight Approved
  • 72 hours extra of talk or surf time
  • 10 safety features
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Not charge properly

9. Realme 10000mAH Power Bank

Realme has quickly established its place among the people due to its durable and high-quality products. This power bank comes with a high-density lithium-polymer battery of 10000mAH.

Smart Feature: Best Power Bank Under 2000

This power bank supports an 18W two-way fast charge. The improved Type-C port allows you to fast-charge your power bank as well as fast-charge your phone at the same time.

Realme Power Bank comes with power delivery (PD) feature, which allows you to charge your laptop. In addition, its intelligent low-power mode ensures to charge small devices such as fitness bands, digital cameras, trimmers, etc.

Most power bank batteries cannot retain the power to their capacity after some time, but the high-density lithium-polymer battery used in realme power banks can retain 100% power even after 500 recharge cycles and provides a strong power backup.

This portable powerhouse comes with dual output, USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports that provide equal power to both ports, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time.

This stunning power bank is available in three colors (Gray, Red, and Yellow). Its fashionable curved design gives a premium look. It comes with one of the best safety standards and provides 12 layers of protection.

This power bank is full of amazing features and comes with a one year warranty.

  • Fashionable design
  • 18W Two-way Fast Charge
  • Power Delivery (PD) Compatible
  • Dual Output
  • 12 Layers of Protection
  • Cost can be a reason

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10. OPPO 10000mAH VOOC Flash Charge Power Bank

In this list of Best Power Bank in India, we are the OPPO 10000mAH VOOC Flash Charge Power Bank at number 10. This is one of the premium looking power banks available in India. It gives a smartphone-like feel when held in the hand.

Smart Feature: Best Power Bank Under 2000

Oppo VOOC Flash Charge Power Bank comes with a 20W two-way flash charge. It provides fast charging while charging both the power bank and your device. This makes its charging performance stable and durable.

This power bank has an aluminum arc body, and is compatible with all devices that support VOOC Flash Charge technology. This power bank gives 2 hours of talk time on 5 minutes of charging.

This power bank has a 2x 5000mAh battery and its built-in smart chip adjusts the power output efficiently. It automatically turns on the small current mode when devices such as Bluetooth headsets and other wearable devices are plugged in.

The Oppo Power Bank comes with Multiple Safety Protection. It provides dual safety protection for the batteries and 13 layers of protection for the power circuit.

This power bank has a USB Type-A port and a USB Type-C port. 4 LED lights are also provided to know the status of the battery.

This power bank comes with a 6-month manufacturing warranty.

  • Premium Design
  • Two-Way 20W fast charging
  • Compatible with all smartphone
  • Multiple Safety Protection
  • No pass thru charging
  • Single output port

Power Bank Buying Guide

Our dependence on technology has increased so much that life seems very difficult without using gadgets.

Because now people spend more time on their smartphones. So, the battery must last at least one day.

There is no guarantee that you will always get a charging slot outside the house. In such a situation, the power bank always proves useful.

But buying a good and long-lasting power bank is not so easy. Many things have to be kept in mind in this. Let’s see

What is a Power Bank (Portable Charger)?

A power bank is a portable device used to charge battery-powered devices.

During charging, it stores electrical energy in its inbuilt batteries, used to charge other battery-powered devices such as smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, fitness bands, beard trimmers, via a USB port.

In addition, some power banks are capable of delivering power wirelessly.

What to keep in mind when buying the best power bank

1. The capacity of the power bank

It completely depends on the battery capacity of your smartphone. Let’s look at it this way. Suppose your phone battery capacity is 5000mAh, then you will need a power bank of 10000mAh capacity.

It is advised that you should always buy a power bank twice the battery capacity of your phone.

You should also keep in mind which device you are using your power bank for? Will you charge your smartphone or other devices such as trimmer, digital camera, fitness band, etc.

To buy a power bank of the right capacity, it is necessary to consider all these things.

2. Size (Portability)

First, decide when and where to use the power bank. People usually use portable chargers to charge their devices during travel or outside the home where a power supply is not possible.

In such a situation, you will also have to keep your power bank with you. You should choose a portable and lighter power bank in size so that it can be placed in a pocket or bag.

3. Power Bank Battery

The power bank mainly uses two types of batteries.

Types of BatteryLithium-polymer (Li-Pro)Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
ProsRobust and Flexible Low Profile Lower Chance of Leaking ElectrolytesHigh Power Density No Memory effect Lower Cost
ConsCostly to Manufacture Store Less Power Shorter LifespanCan Combust Suffers from Aging

4. Multiple output port

A high-capacity power bank typically has more than one output port. Nowadays most power banks come with dual output ports and allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. If you are a gadget lover then you should choose a power bank with the multi-output port.

Quick Tip:- Always choose a power bank that comes with 2 or more output USB ports.

5. Amperage

The ampere of the output port of the power bank determines how fast your power bank will charge your devices.

When purchasing a power bank, always keep in mind that the higher the amperage, the faster the power bank will charge your devices.

6. Quality

Whether it is a power bank or any other product, quality products should always be preferred. Of course, you will have to pay a bit more, but your phone and gadget will be saved from loss due to low-quality products.

Quick Tip:- You can compromise on price but never compromise on quality.

7. Safety Features (Protection)

Always check for certificates when purchasing a portable charger. Ensure that your power bank protects your devices from temperature protection, short circuit protection, reset protection, input over-voltage protection, adapter protection, reverse direct protection, and output heat protection.

8. Number of Charges

If you have to charge your phone frequently, buy a power bank with more capacity so that the number of charges can be increased. But if your phone battery is of low capacity then 10000mAh power bank is sufficient. However, if you want more number of charges then go for a 20000mAh power bank.

Quick Tip:- You should not charge your power bank via USB from your laptop or other devices. This increases the charging time. It is recommended to use a wall charger to charge your power bank for fast charging.

9. Fast charging support

However, mobile phones that support fast charging are in trend. In such a situation, you should buy a power bank that supports fast charging, so that your phone and other devices can be charged in a short time.

10. Price and quality

If you want to buy a product that suits your needs, then you have to look at its quality over the price. A good quality product protects your expensive devices from damage but is also long-lasting.

Additional Features of Power Bank

Some power banks come with useful additional features. Let’s find out.

1. LED light

Some portable chargers come with built-in LED flashlight. It is useful to find a way at night or during power cuts.

2. Pass-Through Charging

Please consider a power bank that provides pass-through charging. This will help you to charge your device while the power bank itself is charging.

3. Multiple output ports

Most portable chargers come with multiple output ports that allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

4. Built-in Cable

You may have noticed that some portable charger cables are built into the feature. This facility has some advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantage of built-in cable

Disadvantages of built-in cable

Should You Get a Built-in Charging Cable Charger? Check this article.

List Of Best Power Banks In India 2021

Mi 20000mAh Power Bank 2iApprox 6.7 hours6 months
Syska 20000mAh Power Bank8 Hours6 months
Ambrane 20000mAh Power Bank12 hours with 2A wall charger6 months
Redmi 20000mAh Power BankApprox 6.7 hours6 months
Mi 10000mAH Power Bank 2iApprox. 4.5 hours6 months
Syska P1016B 10000mAH Power BankNA6 months
Lenovo 10400mAH Power Bank5 – 5.5 Hours1 year
Duracell 10050mAH Power bankApprox. 10 hours3 years
Realme 10000mAH Power BankNA1 year
OPPO 10000mAH Power BankNA6 months

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