Top 10 Best Trimmer in India 2021 | Best Beard Trimmer for Men

The best trimmer can enhance your overall personality by giving your beard a new look. Everyone wants to look beautiful and different but just growing a beard is not enough. The right care is necessary for the desired result.

In this post, you will get to know which are the best trimmers for men in India 2021.

It is extremely important to make a good first impression, whether it is an interview for a job or a much-awaited date. You can style your look with a neatly trimmed beard because having a styled beard makes all the difference.

Growing a beard and then keeping it in good shape is today’s masculine style and favorite swag that requires a lot of endurance.

Nowadays, shavers and trimmers are quite popular among working professionals. Whether you go on a date or an office meeting, you can shave or trim your beard at home.

Apart from the best trimmerbeard shampoo and beard oil also play an important role in the proper growth of the beard.

People often go out to shaving or trimming, and many times you have to wait longer until your turn. The best trimmer trims your beard in a short period of time.

In today’s post, you will get to know the luxurious and best trimmers for men in India 2021 you can buy and pamper your beard.

Which are the Top 10 Best Trimmer for Men in India 2021?


Best Trimmer in India 2021

1. Groomiist Copper Series Cordless Beard Trimmer CS-86

Groomiist is a German brand that manufactures grooming products for both men and women. This rechargeable beard trimmer is packed with features like comb adjustment, dial lock, stainless steel blades, quick charging, and a 500mAh lithium battery, make this the best trimmer for men in India.

Smart Features: Best Rechargeable beard trimmers in India

  • Long-lasting performance
  • Skin-friendly
  • Adjustment Combs Function
  • LED inductor
  • Cordless Operation

This trimmer comes with a strong DC motor that ensures durability and reliability. Its powerful motor provides 60 minutes of precise trimming with a 2-hour charge (120 Minutes). The LED inductor helps you to know the battery status.

The Groomiist copper series beard trimmer comes with a 500mAh lithium battery. Its fast-charging rechargeable battery ensures that you will not run out of charge in the middle of your trimming.

This device is very easy to clean, just detach the washable head and rinse it under the tap. This keeps the blade clean and hygienic for daily use. This trimmer can be operated both corded or cordless which also makes it travel-friendly.

The Comb Adjustment Dial allows you to select your desired length setting from 1-10 mm & 11-20 mm. You can lock-in the length setting by rotating the wheel given on the front. The Adjustment Dial Lock lets you lock the length setting easily and enhances safe handling.

The Groomiist trimmer comes with a Super Sharp Stainless Steel Blade that cuts long or thick hair precisely. The Ultra stainless steel blades ensure smooth and efficient trim every time.

This Groomiist Copper Series beard trimmer available in two colors Purple & Black and it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Value for money
  • LED Inductor
  • Fast Charging
  • Powerful motor
  • Sometimes heats up during trimming.

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2. Philips QT4001/15 Cordless Rechargeable Beard Trimmer

Philips gives you the right grooming solution in less time. You can style yourself as you want with this best trimmer in India.

Its ergonomic design ensures easy to hold and use allows you to trim hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Smart Features: Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beards

  • Long-lasting performance
  • Skin-friendly
  • Effortless trimming with the zoom wheel
  • Charging indication
  • Best for cordless use

Philips QT 4001/15 trimmer comes with Dura Power technology. This optimizes power consumption and ensures that your trimmer last 4 times longer vs. an ordinary trimmer.

Its blades are long-lasting and stay as sharp as new, thereby cut hairs neatly and effectively every time. The round blade tips and comb are gentle on the skin to prevent irritation.

This Philips QT4001/15 is very easy to operate. With its 1mm precision steps, you can get a 3-day shadow look of 1mm or a full beard of 10mm.

You can lock-in the length setting by rotating the given wheel or you can get zero trim looks of 0.5mm by removing its comb.

This trimmer comes with a charging indicator so that there is no problem with the overcharge. As soon as the charge starts, the light on the adaptor is green when charging.


Philips QT4001/15 consumes 2-Watt and comes with a 2-year worldwide warranty. This best trimmer for men comes with a one-year additional warranty on registering with Philips.

Note: Completely dry it before you put it back on the appliance.

  • Easy to use
  • Skin-friendly blades
  • 10 lock-in length settings
  • Can’t be used while charging.
  • It takes 10 hours to get fully charge.
  • No indicator when it gets fully charged.

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3. Mi Corded/Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer

Xiaomi India launched its first product in the personal grooming category in India. This Mi Beard trimmer can fulfill all your grooming needs with ease and efficiency as it comes with an ultra-powerful battery and superior features for a perfect trim.

Smart Features: Best waterproof beard trimmer in India

  • Conquer every style
  • Ultra-powerful battery
  • Fully washable
  • Unique design
  • Versatile usage
  • Travel-ready

This trimmer comes with two combs and a total of 40 length settings with 0.5mm precision so that you can carry any style you like. The blades are made of stainless steel and it can be used with corded as well as cordless use.

The hair trimmer comes with an LED battery indicator. You can use it for 10 minutes on charging only 5 minutes for instant usage. It supports a 5V adapter and takes 2 hours to get fully charge. When fully charged, it can be used for 90 minutes.

This hair clipper has a fully washable body and its IPX7 rating makes it hydro-resistant. You can wash it under a tap while you are trimming your beard. You can trim your beard with its self-sharpening stainless steel blades without getting hurt.

Its unique Quad Edge Design allows you to reach tough spots effortlessly and the sturdy grip makes it easy to hold and handle, and its slip-proof texture is an added feature that enhances the overall trimming experience.

You can use it corded or cordless. Therefore, there is no need to charge in advance. Just plug in the cord and get trimming.

If you travel more then you will definitely like this feature. You can store it in a travel pouch that prevents undue damage and its travel lock function keeps the trimmer from switching on accidentally.

This Mi Trimmer can be used with most power banks including Mi Power Bank or USB adapter.

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Trimmer blades come with a pre-lubricating coating that can dry with use, leading to increased friction and resulting heat. If you feel any friction or heat, it is recommended to use coconut oil to lubricate the underside of the blade.

This amazing electric Mi beard trimmer comes with one year of manufacturer warranty.

Mi Corded/ Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer FAQs.

  • Quick charge
  • Above an hour of cordless use.
  • Full washable body.
  • Less noisy.
  • Blade heating
  • Blade size is small

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4. Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Trimmer and Shaver

The Philips OneBlade is the best trimmer for men available in India. It is designed to grow and maintain any kind of beard. This innovative grooming tool can style, trim, and shave while keeping the skin soft. Philips OneBlade is water-resistant and can be used either wet or dry.

Smart Features: Best Philips trimmer in India

  • Unique OneBlade technology
  • High-performance cutting blade
  • Washable blades
  • Water resistant: Can be used wet or dry
  • Lightweight and compact

If you are fond of shaving or you want to grow a beard, then trust me you cannot find a better trimmer in India. It can do everything smoothly, it is all in one trimmer. It can style, trim, and shave while keeping the skin soft.

The Philips OneBlue comes with 3 trimming combs whose lengths are 1 mm, 3 mm, and 5 mm respectively. 1mm for a 5 o’clock, 3mm for a tight trim, and 5mm for a long stubble. However, OneBlade doesn’t shave as close as a traditional blade, so your skin stays protected.

Philips OneBlade is water-resistant and can be used both wet and dry. You can use shaving foam or shaving gel as per your choice with the trimmer. Its dual protection system has a protective plate at the top of the cutter, which prevents the skin from touching.

The Philips OneBlade follows the contours of your face, allowing you to smoothly and comfortably style all areas. You can use its double-sided blade to achieve the desired style.

It is one of the best waterproof beard trimmers in India. Its long-lasting rechargeable battery provides 45 minutes of continuous performance after 8 hours of charge.

Philips OneBlade’s every blade lasts up to 4 months. This hybrid beard trimmer comes with a 2-year warranty on product registration.

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  • Wet and Dry use.
  • Comes with dual protection for the skin.
  • Can be washed effortlessly.
  • Durable blades.
  • Long charging time
  • Doesn’t shave as close as a traditional blade

5. Philips BT3221/15 Corded & Cordless Titanium Blade Beard Trimmer

If you want to style your beard, Philips has the right grooming solution for you. With this Philips BT3221/15 trimmer, you can easily get the 3-day stubble, short beard, or long beard you want. This long-lasting hair clipper is easy to use and cuts hair 30 percent faster, which makes it the best trimmer for men in India.

Smart Features: Best Hair Clippers in India

  • Corded and cordless use
  • Zoom wheel
  • Lift & trim system
  • Self-sharpening titanium blades
  • Travel and storage pouch
  • Easy to clean

You can use it while charging and its fast-charging battery allows you to use 90 minutes of cordless power after 1 hour of charging.

This trimmer comes with 20 different length settings which are very easy to use. You have to lock-in your preferred settings by rotating the zoom wheel to get a 3-day shadow look or a full beard. If you like the zero trim look just remove the comb.

The innovative Lift & Trim system lifts the low lying hairs to the level of the blades to give you efficient, even trimming results. The Innovative lift & trim system cuts hair 30% faster.

The Self-sharpening titanium blades are long-lasting and stay as sharp as the first day and cut hair neatly and effectively. While combs and rounded tips are gentle on your skin preventing irritation.

The cleaning is very easy for this device. Just rinse it under the faucet by detaching its head. Don’t forget to dry it properly before installing it back on the appliances.

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This trimmer is ideal for traveling as it comes with a storage pouch that protects the device while traveling. You can check battery status whether it is low, empty, full, or charging on its light indicators.

This Philips BT3221/15 corded & cordless titanium blade electric beard trimmer comes with a 2-year warranty. You can get a one-year extra warranty after registration on the Philips website.

  • Zoom wheel with 20 different length settings.
  • Charging speed is pretty good
  • Battery indicator
  • Corded & cordless operation
  • It is not water-proof, but you can wash the blade.

6. Wahl 09854-624 Lithium Ion All In One Grooming Kit Trimmer

Wahl is a global brand that has been manufacturing grooming appliances worldwide for over 89 years. This Wahl 09854-624 Lithium Ion All in One Grooming Kit Trimmer is one of the best multi groom trimmers in India.

Smart Features: Best trimmer for men in India

  • Quality blades
  • Washable
  • Amazing grooming heads
  • Lithium-ion technology
  • Easy to Use

The Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades are rust-free and cut long and thick hair without any hassle and give you a sharp and precise finish to your beard.

All the attachment comes with this best trimmer are fully washable, you can simply rinse them under the tap for easy cleaning.

This Wahl trimmer comes with 4 Grooming Heads which captures more hair in each stroke for faster trimming, haircutting, and fading.

  • Trimmer Blade – you can use it to define your facial style.
  • Clipper Blade – This can be used for a haircut, fading short hairs, and creating an outline.
  • Dual Shaver – You can shave your head, face, and body with this dual shaver.
  • Precision Detailer – This can be used for trimming of hair of nose, ear, and eyebrow, also used for making intricate designs.

The Wahl lithium-ion trimmer is the world’s first grooming device that comes with lithium-ion technology, the most advanced rechargeable battery technology.

  • It is lightweight and has no charge-loss in storage.
  • A high-performance lithium-ion battery provides 3 hours of cordless usage.
  • The trimmer consumes only the energy required to charge then automatically turns off.

Due to all these features, it is counted among the best trimmer for men.

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The vertical trimmer comes with a 4 adjustable comb for trimming and shaving body hair. It prevents the bending and buckling of blades, ensuring an even trim every time.

The trimmer comes with a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Trimmer comb of multiple sizes included
  • 4 Grooming Heads
  • No charging indicator
  • Too many attachments
  • Abysmal after-sales service

7. Braun MGK3020-6-IN-ONE Multi Grooming Trimmer

Braun is an international brand and producing grooming products for many years now. The Braun MGK3020-6 trimmer is very comfortable to hold and can be used for a long period. This trimmer comes with extra attachments and gives you a precise shaving experience.

Smart Features: Best Multi-grooming Trimmer in India

  • Face and hair trimming
  • Beard styling
  • Lifetime lasting sharp blades
  • Long-lasting power
  • Professionals choice

Whether you want to trim your beard, clear up your ear and nose areas or clipping your hair, its 6 different attachments allow you to shape your unique look with effortless precision.

The Braun MGK3020-6 trimmer kit includes 4 combs covering and 13 precision length settings from 0.5-21mm for effortless trim.

  • You will get precision and control for your haircut with its smart hair clipper.
  • You can remove nose and ear hair effectively without any hassle.
  • All the attachment comes with this trimmer are fully washable, you can easily clean under running water.

You can achieve any beard style with ultra-sharp stainless steel blades that cut long and thick hair without any pulling and tugging.

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The Braun MGK3020-6-in-One Trimmer takes 10 hours to fully charge and gives 40 minutes of precision trimming.

This best trimmer in India comes with 2 years of warranty.

  • Body groomer in the kit
  • Close trims are good
  • No fast charging
  • Heating issue
  • Makes a lot of noise

8. Syska Ultra Trim HT700 Beard Trimmer

A well-maintained beard can enhance your personality and take your charm to the next level. Whether it’s a date with someone or a job interview, now you can shape your beard hassle-free with the Syska Beard Trimmer.

Smart Features: Best Stubble Trimmer in India

  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 20 length settings
  • Easy to use

This Trimmer comes with high-quality Self-sharpening Stainless Steel Blades ensures a safe, easy and hygienic trimming experience. We chose it for our list of the best trimmer for men in India as it is an excellent fit for both short and long beards.

The Syska UltraTrim is easy to use, easy to handle, and easy to trim. Its user-friendly design provides an effortless trimming experience. The trimmer has a charging indicator so that there is no problem with the overcharge.

The Syska UltraTrim HT700 takes 8 hours to fully charge and gives you 45 minutes of non-stop usage. The trimmer can be charged using a mobile charger. You can use it while charging.

Its stubble comb provides a 20 length setting, just turn the Trim Dial wheel and choose from 0.5mm – 10mm (0.5mm precision) and style your beard the way you desire.

This Trimmer comes with a 2-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase.

  • Self-Sharpening blades
  • Power Indicator
  • It took 8 hours to charge

9. Ustraa Chrome – Corded & Cordless Titanium Beard Trimmer

Ustraa has been producing grooming products for men since 2015. The Ustraa Chrome – is the best trimmer in India, which is designed to give your beard the perfect look, as your awesome beard needs an awesome trimmer.

Ustraa has been producing grooming products for men since 2015. This Best Beard Trimmer is designed to give your beard the perfect look, as your awesome beard needs an awesome trimmer.

Smart Features: Best Beard Trimmer in India

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 39% wider blades
  • Abs combs
  • Stable comb lock
  • Led display with status indicators

This Trimmer runs on a 600mAh Lithium-ion battery which is also used in all smartphones and electric cars. You will get 90-120 minutes of cordless usage time with a quick charge time of just 60 minutes.

This trimmer has self-sharpening large T-shaped titanium coated blades which cover more surface area give you a more consistent trim than popular trimmers and make it easier to perfect any style that can be as low as 0 mm.

The Ustraa beard trimmer comes with ABS combs which is strong and adjustable. This sturdy comb provides 3 different length settings that last long and don’t break easily.

A steady comb-lock mechanism which keeps the beard hair tangle-free during trimming even when the battery is low. Provides a consistent trim all over including the difficult to negotiate areas like the chin.

It does not shake while using and fits perfectly and its perfect shape and weight distribution give you a better grip for smooth, consistent, and tangle-free trim.

Its LED display is unique which shows the battery level so that you know how much charge is left and prevents overcharging. You can check if blades need oiling on its Oil Indicator.

You will get a 2-year warranty along with this best trimmer for men.

  • Comes with 3 sizes of sets(1cm,2cm,3cm)
  • Digital display
  • 3-4hours to full charge
  • Little Bulky

10. Lifelong LLPCM07 Beard Trimmer

The LifeLong LLPCM07 is the best trimmer in India that comes with a two-hour quick charge. It comes with stainless steel blades, for a high-performance trimming experience. It works on hair from 0.4-10 mm comb settings which help you style your beard as desired.

Smart Features: Best Trimmer for Clean Shave Look

  • Quick charge
  • Battery indicator
  • Adjustable guide comb
  • Cordless/corded operation
  • Washable

The LifeLong hair trimmer can last up to 60 minutes with continuous usage as it comes with 2 hours of quick charge technology. So now there is no need to charge the trimmer overnight.

This trimmer comes with an LED battery indicator, you can check the battery status such as low, empty, charging, or full-on it. This LED Indicator gives you a precise idea when to charge the trimmer again.

Its adjustable guide combs are easy to use, you can adjust the length setting as you want for your beard from 0.4 to 10 mm size.

I love this feature of this trimmer, as it can be charged with a laptop or power bank. You can use it while charging or use it cordless anytime, anywhere for up to 60 minutes.

To maintain hygiene you can wash it under the running water. Its detachable stainless steel blades and other attachments are fully washable.

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Its ultra-sharp stainless steel blades are durable and long-lasting and also capture the unruliest hair to ensure neatly and effectively trim.

If you are looking for the best trimmer in India for Clean Shave Look, just for it.

The LifeLong LLPCM07 beard trimmer comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Quick Charge
  • Lightweight
  • USB Charging
  • Not yet found

11. Philips QT4005/15 Beard Trimmer For Men

The Philips QT4005/15 is one of the best trimmers in India. This skin-friendly device comes with a charging indicator and it is very easy to clean. The Self-Sharpening Stainless Steel Blades provides long-lasting performance.

Smart Features: Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beards

  • Long-lasting Performance
  • Zoom wheel
  • Sharp blades
  • Skin-friendly
  • Cordless use

Its Dura power technology optimizes power consumption. Therefore, your trimmer runs 4 times longer than other trimmers.

This trimmer comes with 20 different length settings which are easy to use. You have to lock-in your preferred settings by rotating the zoom wheel to get a 3-day shadow look or a full beard. If you like the zero trim look just remove the comb.

This stubble trimmer delivers an effortless, even result in every time, as its Self-Sharpening Stainless Steel Blades stay extra sharp and effective as on day one.

The fast and extra-sharp blades of this trimmer always cut hairs effectively and neatly and its rounded blade tip and combs are smooth on the skin to prevent irritation.

It gives up to 45 minutes of cordless power after 10 hours of charging. This device is very easy to clean just detach the head and rinse it under the tap.

This perfect beard trimmer has an ergonomic design that allows you to trim those hard-to-reach areas. Its charging indicator is another plus of this trimmer. This is why it is another top pick for our list of the best trimmer in India.

The Philips QT4005/15 is very easy to clean and comes with a 2-year worldwide guarantee (additional 1 year on registering with Philips).

  • Long-Lasting
  • Superb battery life
  • Premium Look
  • Can’t use while charging

12. Panasonic ER-GB37 Wet/Dry Washable Cordless Trimmer

The Panasonic ER-GB37 Trimmer gives a clean and precise shave for those who want to look fresh and well-groomed. This fully washable trimmer is suitable for regular usage and gives you a precision shaving experience.

Smart Features: Best Beard Trimmers in India

  • Wet and dry trimmer
  • Precision cutting angle
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Quick-adjust dial
  • Compact and portable

This trimmer comes with double stainless-steel blades whose 45-degree sharp edges provide a precise trimming experience. The extra-sharp blades provide gentle comfort even on sensitive skin, effectively cutting thick and stiff beards.

This trimmer is easy to clean and maintain, its drain allows water to flow well so that it can be cleaned quickly and easily. Its rustproof and non-corrosive blades and guards are water-resistant which ensures that you have a clean and hygienic trimmer to use.

This device takes 12 hours to fully charge. Once fully charged, it’s rechargeable battery allows you to go cordless for about 50 minutes.

This professional beard trimmer can be used almost anywhere and anytime. Its sleek, lightweight, and portable design make it ideal for men.

This beard trimmer features a quick-adjust dial for easy length setting (19 settings from 1-10 mm). This product comes with 24 months warranty.

  • Noiseless
  • Premium build quality
  • Extra-sharp blades
  • It can be used with foam and shaving cream or gel.
  • I haven’t found any cons as of yet.

How to grow a beard faster? Tips and tricks to grow a thicker and fuller beard naturally.

Growing a beard and keeping it in good shape is today’s masculine style and favorite swag. However, this requires a lot of patience. If you do not know how to keep your beard in good shape, then I tell you some tips that will help you with this.

1. Use Shampoo

People are confused about the use of shampoo on the beard, then let me tell you that it is very good to apply shampoo on the beard. Yes, but it would not be right to do this every day. Apply it once a week. Just like your hair, a beard needs the same cleaning.

Check best beard shampoo for your beard growth here.

2. Beard Oil

No! I am not asking you to apply hair oil on your beard. Every part of our body has different skin. You will find many such oils in the market which are applied to the beard itself. These will not only nourish your beard but will also make it healthy and clean.

Check best beard oil for your beard growth.

3. Trimming

It completely depends on you how you keep your beard in a good look. Please take care of your beard and adopt trimming. If you want to keep the beard long, then keep in mind that it should grow in the right way and shape. Use your best trimmer wisely.

4. Washing is Necessary

The way you wash your face after coming from outside, similarly, wash your beard. As the dirt in the environment enters your skin and hair, it also gets into your beard, so cleaning the beard every day is very important. Wash it twice a day, this will keep your beard clean and healthy.

5. Shave unwanted hair

Your beard is not only a part of your body but also a part of your style. The best thing you can do with it is that you can set its limits (length). But your beard style will be clearly visible only when there is no unwanted hair on your face. Hair enhances your style and if it does not, then it makes sense to remove them. Not easy at all.

Types of Trimmers

By now, you may have known most things about the best trimmer for men in India, but apart from the beard trimmer, a variety of trimmers are available in the market for other parts of the body. Let’s take a look at some different types of trimmers.

Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmer is designed to trim your beard hair. You can style your beard as you want.

  • Designed to trim beard, mustache, and sideburns.
  • Can trim in different lengths ranging from long to short.
  • Multiple accessories are available.

Nose and Ear Trimmer

Ear and nose trimmer helps trim the hair that grows in your nose and ears. The skin of the ears and nose are very soft, so you should not use scissors or razors to trim the hair there.

  • Features hypoallergenic curved stainless steel blades.
  • A micro-vacuum system effectively removes cut hair as you trim.

Hair Clipper / Trimmer

Hair trimmer is designed to trim the hair of any part of your body, such as chest and underarm hair.

  • It comes with various accessories for a variety of hairstyles.
  • Easy to use and offers a smooth finish.

Bikini Trimmer

A bikini trimmer is ideal for trimming the hair of your sensitive areas, without any pain or skin irritation, unlike waxing.

The bikini trimmer is also very easy to operate, it trims hair without touching the skin of your sensitive areas.

Best Bikini Trimmer in India

Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Trimmer for Face, Underarms and Bikini line
Wahl 09865-2924 Pure Confidence Grooming Trimmer for Women
Lifelong LLPCW30 Rechargeable Eyebrow, Underarms and Bikini Trimmer
Philips Essential Bikini Trimmer BRT383/15 Trim, Shave & Style
Nova NLS 530 Sensi-Trim Bikini & Facial Trimmer for Women
Philips Bikini Genie BRT383 Cordless Women's Trimmer for Bikini Line
Owme 4 in 1 Attachments Private Part Bikini Shaper and Trimmer for Women
Philips Touch-up HP6388 Eyebrows, Facial & Body Trimmer
Rechargeable Electric Shaver for Women - Painless Womans Electric Razor for Legs, Arms, Underarms, Portable Cordless Bikini Trimmer for Women
Touchbeauty Wet & Dry Electric Hair Remover Trimmer

Best Trimmer in India – Buying Guide

After doing market research, I have prepared this list of the best Trimmer in India for you. Now let me tell you how you can buy a good trimmer for yourself. To get a stylish beard style it is important to consider some important aspects. Let’s know about them.

What are the benefits of using a beard trimmer?

As mentioned earlier, growing a beard and then keeping it in good shape is today’s masculine style and favorite swag that requires a lot of endurance. The right care is necessary for the desired result.

You will often have to go to a salon to keep your beard in shape, which affects both your time and money.

Apart from money and time, hygiene is also a reason why it is not advisable to go to a salon for trimming and grooming.

1. Convenient

Unlike shaving, the trimmer does not require any type of shaving cream or lotion before use. You just need to turn on the switch and it is ready to use. You can use it on your dry skin to style your beard. A beard trimmer is ideal for those who have no time for shaving.

2. Prevents Dry Skin Under Your Beard

The Indian climate is such that almost everyone experiences dry skin in winter, while some men have skin problems in every season.

If your beard is heavy, it is difficult to take care of it. When you wash your face with your regular soap or face wash, it removes the oil and moisture present in your skin.

The dead cells of your skin stick to the beard and look super tacky.

In such a case, the trimmer plays an important role, making sure to trim the beard without any skin contact.

Applying moisturizer or beard oil after the trim gives you maximum benefit.

3. Stops Skin Irritation and Beard Rash

Due to a lack of proper cleaning, the area of ​​the beard becomes more infected with bacteria. This can cause skin irritation or beard rash which is an annoying problem. If you have a thick beard, the irritation problem may worsen.

You can use the best electric trimmer to avoid skin irritation and beard rash. The beard trimmer is gentle on the surface of the skin.

Taking care of hygiene and preventing the use of harsh soaps can also prevent burns, but you can invest in an electric beard trimmer to reduce and correct rashes.

4. Removes Split Ends

As I have said before, growing a beard is not easy. You may face many problems in growing a beard, split ends being one of them.

But, what causes beard split ends?

The problem of split ends arises due to a lack of proper maintenance.

You can trim your beard periodically to get rid of split ends. Trimming is the best way to get rid of split ends.

Apart from this, you can also use used beard oils and balms to keep your beard moisturized and nourished.

5. Style as you wants

Beard trimmer gives you the liberty to have any kind of beard style. You can shape your beard according to your taste.

You can carry long, short, mutton chops or goatee beard style according to any occasion.

6. Safe and Accurate

The trimmer is completely safe to use, you can also use it while charging. Also, some trimmers are waterproof that can be washed easily.

Read this: which are the best waterproof beard trimmer in India.

In terms of accuracy, the trimmer offers highly accurate and reliable trimming compared to conventional trimming (comb and scissors).

7. Long-Lasting

A good quality trimmer is highly durable. Even you can use your trimmer during the shower. Titanium and ceramic blades are strong as well as resistant to corrosion. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can use your trimmer for a long time.

8. Portable

The trimmer can be easily stored anywhere, being small, it does not require much space. Apart from this, if you talk about cordless trimmer, they occupy even less space because they run on batteries, so they do not require any power cord. All these qualities of the trimmer also make it travel friendly.

Drawbacks of using a Beard Trimmer

  • Leftover tiny stubble.
  • Not for the wet beard.
  • Not for a clean shave.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Beard Trimmer


What will happen if you can’t use your trimmer in an emergency? Like if you have to go to a meeting suddenly or maybe you have a date with your girlfriend but your SO CALLED best trimmer is not charged and also does not allow you to use it while it is being charged.

Therefore it is wise to choose a trimmer that can also be used while charging.

What is the difference between the Corded and Cordless Beard Trimmer?

You can choose the corded and cordless beard trimmer based on your lifestyle and needs. By the way, it does not have much effect on the performance of both types of trimmers.

If the difference between the two is seen then the cordless model has battery autonomy and most current cordless molar trimmers have long-lasting inbuilt batteries. While corded trimmers are better suited for longer trimming sessions.

2. Brand

Always go with a branded product, if you are selecting the best trimmer for men. Cheap trimmers do not perform well, and their blades sometimes cut the skin.

The branded trimmer has excellent performance and battery backup. They cut your beard hair very neatly.


There are many types of models available in the market, most trimmers take 10 to 12 hours to full charge. While recharge time and run-time are very important for cordless trimmers. Some trimmer brand batteries are fully charged in an hour.

You should invest in a brand that charges quickly. These features make it ideal for travelers. Therefore, choose the best trimmer that has a short charging time and can be used while charging.


Will you buy a trimmer that stops working while styling your beard? no, not at all. So, choose a trimmer that lasts longer, and that gives 45 minutes to 120 minutes when fully charged. So that you don’t have to charge it intermittently while using.


The quality and sharpness of the blades are crucial to achieving a styled beard. Blades should be long-lasting and stay as sharp as new, thereby cut hairs neatly and effectively every time you use them. The round blade tips and comb are gentle on the skin to prevent burns as no one wants accidental cuts or blade burns.

Titanium-Coated BladesStainless-Steel Blades
It does not cause irritation.Much more economical than titanium-coated blades.
Superior cutting performance.Easy to maintain.
Highly durable and corrosion-resistant.Smooth and reliable.


Almost all trimmers come with a lock-in length setting that offers 0.5 mm to 20 mm. You can achieve a perfect style trim by locking any length as you wish. Whether you are a fan of the heavily bearded look or want a zero size trim, you can find that style by locking the hair length on the trimmer and it will trim the hair evenly.


It depends on you whether you like to trim or shave while bathing. And if your answer is yes, then you will need a dry or wet trimmer. Such trimmers also provide a better and closer shaving experience with shaving cream, foam, or gel.

8. Clean and maintain your beard trimmer.

Just as you wash and clean your toothbrush or shaving razor after every use, you should clean your beard trimmer after every use.

If you do not clean properly, your trimmer may become home to bacteria, and it will not perform as before.

However, the trimmer does not take time to clean. It can be easily cleaned under any water tape.

💡Quick Tip:- If possible, use warm water to clean your trimmer. Hot water kills all the germs. This will flush out hair and debris from the blade to ensure a deserted trim at the next flow.

9. Your budget

The price of any item is determined based on its features. There is some best trimmer in India 2021 that can be used on the body as well as the face.

Best Trimmer in India – Frequently Ask Questions

1. How to clean my Trimmer?

It is necessary to keep the trimmer clean, not doing so will affect the performance of your trimmer. In addition, germs that grow in the dirt can also damage your skin. You can easily clean your trimmer with a brush in the box. However, if you want to wash your trimmer, read the user manual carefully.

2. Is it safe to use Trimmer while charging?

However, most brands allow the trimmer to be used while charging. But I do not suggest it for safety. Doing so quickly degrades the battery and increases the chances of accidents. Please do not use a trimmer when charging if not necessary.

3. Can we use a trimmer for Private Parts?

Yes, you can use your beard trimmer to trim the hair in other parts of the body. However, many experts do not suggest doing this for hygienic reasons. By the way, there are many types of trimmers available in the market nowadays that can be used for other parts of the body. You can check here.

4. Are electric beard trimmers good for skin?

Of course, the trimmer can be used on any skin type. The trimmer puts less pressure on the skin than the razor, reducing the risk of skin damage. Repeated use of razor makes the skin rough and hard while using a trimmer keeps your skin soft.

5. Does trimming your beard help it grow faster?

If you feel that regular trimming is necessary to make the beard grow faster, this is not the case. However, regular trimming can help you control the end of the split. This keeps beard hair healthy and helps the beard to grow faster.


So, it was the list of best trimmer for men’s. I hope you can buy the best trimmer in India by following this buying guide.

Well, now it’s your turn to share things. Which is your favorite beard trimmer, which features of the trimmer do you like most.

Are you already using a trimmer or do you want to buy a good trimmer? Or you want to gift someone.

Please tell me in the comments. I would be happy to assist you.

Please share this post with your friends. You can contact me on Facebook and Twitter or email me at

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