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Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine: Which is Best For your Home.

In front load vs top load washing machine, which one is better? The washing machine is a common household appliance, but no one can deny its importance. The washing machine has undergone many changes over time. Previously, semi-automatic washing machines were used in most homes, but nowadays full automatic washing machines are attracting more homemakers. […]

Best Front Load Washing Machines in India 2021 (Fully Automatic)

The Best Front-load washing machine not only gives you the perfect washing result but also saves water and reduces electricity bills. Its tumbling motion is very gentle and protects your clothes from any kind of damage. Which makes the front-load washing machine is a better option for all your expensive clothes. This is the reason […]

15 Best Washing Machines in India 2021 | Review & Buyer’s Guide.

Washing machines are nothing less than a boon for women. Why am I saying this? You may have noticed that people often talk about gender equality, but even today, most people feel that washing clothes are only women’s work. According to the #ShareTheLoad campaign run by Ariel a few years ago, 76% of men neither […]